Our very special Arlington Whites exquisite golden eggs, laid by our hens at Cackleberry Farm, content and at home in the heart of the Cotswolds
Make it special. Make it a Cacklebean egg.

Cackleberry Farm is nestled at the bottom of a hill just outside Stow-on-the-Wold. Run by Paddy and Steph Bourns, their rare breed flocks live in traditional chicken houses on 12 acres of land, with perches and are entirely free range.

Paddy and Steph have recently launched their new pure white egg – The Arlington White. This egg is now being used by a number of prominent UK chefs.

Eggs are for sale throughout the Cotswolds and from various suppliers in London.

Cackleberry Farm delivers to London once a week.

Cackleberry Farm, Burford Road, Stow-on-the-Wold, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire GL54 1JY
Tel: 07854 058950   Email: paddy@cacklebean.com

“We have been using Patrick and Steph’s eggs for years, and have been fortunate to try a variety of breeds. All of which are outstanding. They are so fresh that they poach beautifully, the yolks so golden and creamy that customers almost can’t believe them.”
Emily Watkins, The Kingham Plough

“I have used Patrick and Steph’s eggs since they first started out and have to say there is nothing quite like them. Cacklebean Eggs are rich and full in flavour with an extremely bright yoke. My clientele love them, and now ask specifically for Cacklebean Eggs.”
Graham Grafton, Head Chef at Barnsley House

Our exquisite eggs are supplied by Wellocks

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